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Harvard's Business School recently opined: "Individuals who seek advice are perceived as being more competent then those who do not....especially when the task for which they need advice is difficult." This sentiment echoes Socarates'  famous dictum: "The unexamined life is not worth living."  

The psychotherapy process can be extremely liberating. It presents us with an opportunity to understand the complexities of feelings, thoughts, behaviors or symptoms that are the result of past or present circumstances or relationships. The goal of treatment is always to ameliorate needless suffering and to increase our freedom to choose how we conduct our relational or emotional lives.  Following an inital appointment with Dr. Sulentich, you will have an understanding of why you may be wrestling with the emotions or behaviors you have about yourself, someone else or a situation. There are always explanations for our psychological states. Some explanations may be simple while others more complex. It is very rare that neurobiochemical abnormalities by themselves, explain our symptoms.

Depression, anxiety, emotional volatility or disordered patterns of relational engagement with loved ones, alcohol, finances or food, for example, are driven by factors that often lie outside of conscious awareness. While feelings of shame, guilt, hate, loss or conflict are all part of the human experience to some extent, we often seal ourselves off from psychological states that threaten our sense of self or our well being. Emotional and psychological difficulties can interfere with our ability to maintain a stable sense of our self  in our work, educational and relational lives. The greater majority of us desire to lead a life that is consistent with abilities and qualites we believe we possess: a desire to love and be loved, have empathy and compassion for others and to be disciplined, moral, and posess an ability to exercise good judgement in dealing with the affairs of our lives. Psychotherapy is for those who wish to gain awarenes of these forces that influence us and thereby give us power to make choices about behavior and patterns in our lives that serve our ultimate goals.  


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